Protein Packed Vegan Options


Protein-Packed Vegan Options

The slew of benefits associated with vegan and vegetarian diets are no longer a secret. It’s now been well documented that meat-free diets lead to fat loss, a decreased risk of various chronic diseases including cancer, reduced arthritic pain, a lower likelihood of age-related cognitive decline and various other benefits. Still, many people harbor a resistance to such diets for various reasons, many of which are unfounded. One of the most prominent apparent jabs at plant-based diets is their dearth of protein. Here we will discuss a few simple and tasty items that can be added to one’s diet for protein-packed, cruelty-free meals. 

Tempeh is a go-to for many ex-meat eaters due to its meat-like texture and versatility. Made from soy and rice food, this meat alternative packs a huge protein punch, logging 18 grams of protein per serving. Toss it in a pan with some vegetables and soy sauce or liquid aminos for a quick, easy, delicious and protein-rich Chinese take-out night. 

Lentils and beans have long been a staple of vegetarian diets around the world. Weighing in at a solid 16-20 grams of protein per cup, these little guys pack a serious protein punch (and are also quite cheap!) To prepare themselves for a day of work on the farm or around the temple grounds, many monks in India eat a delicious lentil-rice-vegetable medley called kitchari, an ancient dish that has sustained India’s millions of vegetarians for millennia. Check out the recipe at the bottom!  

For a protein-packed snack, look no further than nuts! A small handful of peanuts or almonds will supply you with a healthy 9 grams of protein. throw a tablespoon of almond or peanut butter into your smoothie for a denser drink that tastes almost as good as it will make your body feel!

As vegan and vegetarian diets become more and more prevalent in society, it is important to understand the healthy way in which we may transition to such clean living. By ensuring we get enough protein through proper sourcing, we may not just lose that meat-caused fat but pack on some proper plant-based muscle as well :)

Kitchari Recipe: 



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