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Here's to you Heart Health!

  February is American Heart Health Month      Heart health is something to consider at any age and during any month. The heart is responsible for continuously pumping blood filled with vital compounds and molecules like hormones, various cells, oxygen and other nutrients around the body. This circulation allows for all the organs and parts of the body to perform the actions need to function.     H eart function is very complex; It has its own electrical system, specialized muscles, and valves which control the rate of blood flow. With such an important role in the body and the complexities of being such an intricate wonder of the world (IMO), finding ways to keep your heart healthy is key to overall wellness.  Here are 28 ideas ( February, get it?)  to help keep your heart healthy based in research. Quit Smoking - The most controllable factor one can do to reduce heart disease risks is to stop smoking, and avoid tobaccos completely. This will help to improve blood vessels and overall

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