The Power of a Daily Routine

It’s hard to overstate the power of a solid daily routine. By adhering to a set schedule that promotes health & wellbeing, day in & day out, in time, we derive powerful results. The Grand Canyon was once just another slab of rock, equal to those around it, but by consistent contact with the Colorado River over many years it became the wonder of the world we know it as today. In a similar way, if we consistently adhere to a healthy routine, over time, we’ll be amazed at the incredible impact is has on our body, mind and spirit. 

The science of Ayurveda tells us that the body’s health revolves around one thing in particular: digestion! By making sure we eat our meals at the same time every day (give or take 15 minutes) we set our body’s digestive clock up for success. The body’s entire metabolic process (appetite, digestion, fat/sugar/cholesterol production) follows a pattern that repeats itself every 24 hours. By disrupting this process, we become subject to indigestion, higher cholesterol, weight gain and various other health risks. 

On a psychological level, science has shown that a daily meditation practice can drastically reduce one’s tendency towards anxiety, depression, apathy and anger. by getting on a schedule in which meditation and mindfulness serve as pillars of one’s morning and evening routine, in time the mind may transform into something beautiful. While the effects of such things may not always be immediately visible, by ensuring we do a little meditation every day, we switch on a kind of “automatic watering system” which nourishes our mind and spirit every day without fail. Thus, our internal world may bloom as beautifully as a well-maintained garden. 

In the words of Ben Franklin, “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” The world can sometimes feel like a battlefield in which we must fight against all kinds of other oppositional forces in our quest for wellbeing. Often times, the one who wins any kind of competition is not the one who is stronger but the one who draws up a better plan and strictly follows it. So, make a better plan than that of all those forces holding you back from reaching your full potential physically and intrinsically. By adhering to it, you too can eventually stoke wonder in yourself and others. 


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