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Is Your Digestion Working Optimally?

By Wendy Romig, DCN Digestion is one of the most critical functions in the body when it comes to our overall health. From the moment food enters our mouth, until the time that it is either absorbed or excreted, vital biochemical processes are taking place enabling us to receive essential nutrients required for life. Our biological and life-sustaining systems are quite intricate, but understanding some basics can be beneficial for health. Basic Overview of Digestion Contrary to common belief, digestion actually begins in the brain not the mouth. From the moment we think about food, see it or smell it, our body begins releasing enzymes for digestion. Then, when food actually enters the mouth, our teeth mash up the food while enzymes initiate the break-down of carbohydrates and fats. As food enters the stomach, digestive juices, hydrochloric acid and proteolytic enzymes (which breakdown proteins) are released to continue the processing. The stomach then slowly empties its contents into t

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